Michael Ibsen

'The discovery of Richard III's skeleton changed my life'

Exactly five years ago, archaeologists confirmed that a skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park was that of Richard III. It was an extraordinary revelation that captured imaginations across the world.
BBC News | February 4th 23rd 2018

Choosing the timber for Richard III's coffin

Michael Ibsen (17th Generation Great Nephew of Richard III) and colleague Paul McKenzie visit the Whitney Sawmill in Hereford to choose the planks of English Oak that will be used in the making of Richard III’s coffin.
University Leicester | March 23rd 2015

Richard III: Reburial of the king

Images of the coffin made by Michael Ibsen, video showing the procession from the air, and key points of the reinterment ceremony at Leicester Cathedral
BBC News | March 17th 2015

The Canadian connection to King Richard III

How Michael Ibsen, 57-year-old Canadian-born cabinet-maker, is building the coffin that will provide the final resting place for Richard III, a former King cut down in a decisive battle for the English throne.
The Globe and Mail | John Allemang | June 20th 2014

Richard III: King's descendant Michael Ibsen to create his coffin

Canadian-born carpenter Michael Ibsen's views on being given the honour of creating the casket in which the king's bones will be buried.
Leicester Mercury | Peter Warzynski | June 17th 2014

Four ‘certainties’ for King Richard III

Comments from the Cathedral of Leicester, and Michael Ibsen's view on starting to build the coffin for Richard III's reinterment.
Diocese of Leicester | June 16th 2014

Highgate cabinet maker’s DNA identifies car park skeleton of King Richard III

Michael Ibsen, a softly-spoken Highgate cabinet maker, has become the vital missing link that finally proved a skeleton exhumed from under a car park in Leicester was the remains of medieval monarch Richard III.
Ham & High | Stephen Moore | February 7th 2013

Old Bones

An interview with Michael Ibsen by Lauren Collins of The New Yorker Magazine
The New Yorker | October 15th 2012